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Register on this webinar, to find out what it means to be a natural Home prescriber, Health or Homeopathic practitioner, and to successfully deal with 21st Century ailments.

The Health Factor Online Short Course

An introduction to natural Health & Healing, learn how to take control of your own health, study from home at your own pace, explore how to become a health practitioner.


The Professional Training

BAC accredited. Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy, the most cost effective & time saving online Homeopathy course available. Qualify as a licensed Homeopath.


Post-Graduate Diploma

BAC accredited. Ideal for Health professionals such as Doctors, Nurses & Pharmacists. Unique flexible & practical approach. Cost & Time effective online course for busy professionals. Extend you CDP Portfolio.

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Courses To Suit Your Needs

Professional Online & Blended Learning At Its Best!

★ Study Online From Home & Worldwide At Your Own Pace! ★ Online courses for Doctors, Nurses & Other Qualified Health Practitioners ★ Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy ★ Post Graduate Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy ★ Flexible & Blended Learning Option Available ★ BAC Accredited Courses ★ The Best Online International Homeopathic Courses Available ★ Simple & Easy To Apply ★ Get Started Right Away!

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What Students Say...

  • “Through the tutors’ knowledge and teaching methods, I know I made the best decision to study Homeopathy at CPH. My journey has been a wonderful & enjoyable experience, one I will always remember.” - London, UK

  • “I have enjoyed my time at this incredible place with supportive teachers and caring classmates. I will miss all this very much!” - London, UK

  • “Studying at the CPH has been a fantastic experience, in terms of building my confidence & learning on how to deal with health issues. The methods used to teach are all about empowering students…” - Cambridge, UK

  • “I chose the 4-year p/t course to fit in with my family commitments. The course was awesome; I loved every minute of it. Homeopathy was a new subject for me & I felt the quality of the learning environment was superb.” - Middlesex, UK

  • “CPH teaches the Principles of Healing – established over 200 years ago – and gives guidelines of how to use them in today’s changing environment.” - London, UK

  • “I feel lucky to have learned from such talented and knowledgeable healers. The lessons are fascinating and entertaining, making learning at CPH very enjoyable.” - Manchester, UK

  • “What I’ve learned at CPH has been totally priceless. A supportive environment, great teachers, lovely class mates, have made these two years one of the best experiences of my life.” - Italy

  • “If you are one of those people aware of the fallacies of modern day society, who want to contribute to bringing real health to others, then you won’t find a better school than CPH. Search all you want, you would be wasting your time.” - NW London, UK

  • “After just one year of studying at CPH I have already taken nine cases and get many requests for treatment from my patients’ friends. ..I am so happy to have chosen CPH.” - Surrey, UK

  • “Life changing – excellent fours years at CPH Thank you!” - North West London, UK

  • “CPH is the most patient and the most caring school for Homeopathy. Just simply….choose THIS one!!!” - Osaka, Japan

  • “My whole perspective and attitude to life has been changed – The generosity of sharing knowledge & the individual support provided for my time at CPH has been amazing!” - SW London, UK

  • “An amazing fours years – I learnt lots about myself and life, lots of hard work but the support & information provided has enabled me to graduate confident and competent and excited about being a homeopath.” - SE London, UK

  • “I learnt a lot of important things from patients’ cases; more than text books. This is the best way to learn Homeopathy. I have had a fantastic experience!” - Japan

  • “The course has been brilliantly designed & expertly delivered – the teaching has been passionate – I have loved every minute of my time here. Thank you.” - N. London, UK

  • “The course at CPH has been a life changing experience. I started as a distance learner. It was a wonderful way of introduction to Homeopathy. The supervision was prompt, but also at any time I needed it….” - Italy

  • “CPH has a fantastic syllabus & teaches a progressive approach to treatment of diseases of the modern age. Students get early exposure to clinical practice, which promotes rapid learning & understanding the process of illness & cure.” - London, UK

  • “Once I graduated; the feeling was one of euphoria & freedom. I had every confidence to .., go out & get patients & treat them. I was able to put all the practical teaching & amazing expertise taught to us into practice.” - Surrey, UK

  • “Hi Ellen I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help, wisdom and commitment. I am so proud to have graduated.  The way the course is set out is logical, rounded, structured, inspiring and totally practical.” - London, UK

  • “Being at CPH has been a very humbling experience. I highly recommend it as a College.” - Portugal

  • “A course not only covering Homeopathy but aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit as well, which get you grounded and put you on a path to understanding how serious health matters are and what needs to be put right..” – Essex, UK

  • “I have learnt so much during my two years at CPH – the course taught me the principles behind this healing system and the tools with which I could apply those principle..” - Portugal.

  • “Since taking over the role as Principal of CPH Ellen, you have turned the College into a centre of excellence that stands alone in it’s ability to train homeopaths.”  - Surrey, UK.

  • “The time I spent at CPH has changed me into a new person. It was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life.” - Japan.

  • “Thank you for all your help with all my grad cases and also, for the course, which was really so great. I loved every minute.” - London, UK

  • “I can honestly say that the 2 years I’ve spent at CPH have been the best of my life.” - London, UK

Cph Courses

What We Offer

  • Post Graduate Diploma

    Online / Distance Learning (Flexible study covering 10 modules per level).
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  • Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy

    Online / Distance Learning / Part-time / (Flexible study covering 10 modules per level).
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  • Foundation in Health

    Online / Distance Learning (Flexible study covering 10 modules).
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