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Find out, what it means to be a natural Home prescriber, Health or Homeopathic practitioner, and to successfully deal with 21st Century ailments.

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Discover the ins and outs of natural Health, Healing & Homeopathy and how to practically apply your knowledge, in a way that works and gets results.

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Learn how to become a successful Home prescriber or Homeopath, based not on theory - but, the practical application, of seeing patients and getting results.

Online Learning

Online and Blended Learning with Cph, the benefits of studying and learning Homeopathy at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

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Find out more about all our Courses, our Staff, Students & how to begin studying health, healing & Homeopathy today.

Studying at Cph

What makes learning about Health & Homeopathy at Cph so different from other Colleges. Plus, understanding the meaning true meaning of Practical Homeopathy.

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Courses To Suit Your Needs

Professional Online & Blended Learning At Its Best!

★ Study Online From Home & Worldwide At Your Own Pace! ★ Online courses for Doctors, Nurses & Other Qualified Health Practitioners ★ Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy ★ Post Graduate Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy ★ Flexible & Blended Learning Option Available ★ BAC Accredited Courses ★ The Best Online International Homeopathic Courses Available ★ Simple & Easy To Apply ★ Get Started Right Away!

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What Students Say...

  • “Through the tutors’ knowledge and teaching methods, I know I made the best decision to study Homeopathy at CPH. My journey has been a wonderful & enjoyable experience, one I will always remember.” - London, UK

  • “I have enjoyed my time at this incredible place with supportive teachers and caring classmates. I will miss all this very much!” - London, UK

  • “Studying at the CPH has been a fantastic experience, in terms of building my confidence & learning on how to deal with health issues. The methods used to teach are all about empowering students…” - Cambridge, UK

  • “I chose the 4-year p/t course to fit in with my family commitments. The course was awesome; I loved every minute of it. Homeopathy was a new subject for me & I felt the quality of the learning environment was superb.” - Middlesex, UK

  • “CPH teaches the Principles of Healing – established over 200 years ago – and gives guidelines of how to use them in today’s changing environment.” - London, UK

  • “I feel lucky to have learned from such talented and knowledgeable healers. The lessons are fascinating and entertaining, making learning at CPH very enjoyable.” - Manchester, UK

  • “What I’ve learned at CPH has been totally priceless. A supportive environment, great teachers, lovely class mates, have made these two years one of the best experiences of my life.” - Italy

  • “If you are one of those people aware of the fallacies of modern day society, who want to contribute to bringing real health to others, then you won’t find a better school than CPH. Search all you want, you would be wasting your time.” - NW London, UK

  • “After just one year of studying at CPH I have already taken nine cases and get many requests for treatment from my patients’ friends. ..I am so happy to have chosen CPH.” - Surrey, UK

  • “Life changing – excellent fours years at CPH Thank you!” - North West London, UK

  • “CPH is the most patient and the most caring school for Homeopathy. Just simply….choose THIS one!!!” - Osaka, Japan

  • “My whole perspective and attitude to life has been changed – The generosity of sharing knowledge & the individual support provided for my time at CPH has been amazing!” - SW London, UK

  • “An amazing fours years – I learnt lots about myself and life, lots of hard work but the support & information provided has enabled me to graduate confident and competent and excited about being a homeopath.” - SE London, UK

  • “I learnt a lot of important things from patients’ cases; more than text books. This is the best way to learn Homeopathy. I have had a fantastic experience!” - Japan

  • “The course has been brilliantly designed & expertly delivered – the teaching has been passionate – I have loved every minute of my time here. Thank you.” - N. London, UK

  • “The course at CPH has been a life changing experience. I started as a distance learner. It was a wonderful way of introduction to Homeopathy. The supervision was prompt, but also at any time I needed it….” - Italy

  • “CPH has a fantastic syllabus & teaches a progressive approach to treatment of diseases of the modern age. Students get early exposure to clinical practice, which promotes rapid learning & understanding the process of illness & cure.” - London, UK

  • “Once I graduated; the feeling was one of euphoria & freedom. I had every confidence to .., go out & get patients & treat them. I was able to put all the practical teaching & amazing expertise taught to us into practice.” - Surrey, UK

  • “Hi Ellen I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help, wisdom and commitment. I am so proud to have graduated.  The way the course is set out is logical, rounded, structured, inspiring and totally practical.” - London, UK

  • “Being at CPH has been a very humbling experience. I highly recommend it as a College.” - Portugal

  • “A course not only covering Homeopathy but aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit as well, which get you grounded and put you on a path to understanding how serious health matters are and what needs to be put right..” – Essex, UK

  • “I have learnt so much during my two years at CPH – the course taught me the principles behind this healing system and the tools with which I could apply those principle..” - Portugal.

  • “Since taking over the role as Principal of CPH Ellen, you have turned the College into a centre of excellence that stands alone in it’s ability to train homeopaths.”  - Surrey, UK.

  • “The time I spent at CPH has changed me into a new person. It was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life.” - Japan.

  • “Thank you for all your help with all my grad cases and also, for the course, which was really so great. I loved every minute.” - London, UK

  • “I can honestly say that the 2 years I’ve spent at CPH have been the best of my life.” - London, UK

Cph Courses

What We Offer

  • Post Graduate Diploma

    Online / Distance Learning (Flexible study covering 10 modules per level).
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  • Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy

    Online / Distance Learning / Part-time / (Flexible study covering 10 modules per level).
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  • Foundation in Health

    Online / Distance Learning (Flexible study covering 10 modules).
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