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Introduction to Health & Healing

Cph Graduate Diploma Licentiate in Homeopathy

Cph Post-Graduate Diploma Licentiate in Homeopathy

If you are interested in achieving the following, then look no further:

– Looking after your own or your family’s health?

– Becoming a successful professional homeopath?

– Adding homeopathy to your current therapies or practices?

Courses to suit your needs:

• Students who are interested in health & healing can take our online Health Factor short course.

• Students who wish to undertake further study, can enrol on our Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy course. This is the standard qualification to practice in the UK.  Graduates will receive their membership of a professional body and will be able to start their own practice.

• For qualified health practitioners, we offer a unique online learning Post-Graduate Licentiate Diploma course, for qualified medical personnel – Doctors, Nurses, pharmacists, vets and qualified CAM practitioners.

These qualifications can be obtained via  flexible online study to suit your needs and your circumstances.

1) Cph offers Three Main Courses for students

Introduction to Health & Healing

a) The Health Factor (short course):

i) The Health Factor (Online Self-study Short Course – 3 modules)

Cph Graduate Diploma Licentiate in Homeopathy

b) Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy:

i) Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy (Online Learning – 3 Levels (10 modules per level )

Cph Post-Graduate Diploma Licentiate in Homeopathy

b) Post Graduate Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy:

i) Post Graduate Licentiate Diploma In Homeopathy (Online Learning – 12 modules)

2) Cph offers the following Levels of Study, to enable students to complete the relevant modules for each course.

  • The Health Factor  – (Modules 1-3) 
  • Intermediate Level 1 – (Modules 1-10)  
  • Intermediate Level 2 – (Modules 11-20)
  • Practitioner Development – (Modules 21-30)
  • Post Graduate Level – (Modules 1-12)

“Before enrolling on the part time course I was concerned that my living in Spain would in some way hinder my progress. My main worry was that I would miss out on important aspects of the course by not being able to attend the lectures in person. Ellen put my mind at rest though and gave me the option to enroll as a distance learner and shadow the part timers. It's proved to be the perfect option for me. I have all the benefits of studying from home with the support from the CPH team but also feel that I'm part of the group and am in regular contact with the other students on the course. I really feel as if I have the best of both worlds..” ~ Caroline Sinfield, Spain

Full details, including course structure etc.. are contained in our Free Admission pack.

How To Apply for a Course – use the link below: 

3 Simple Steps to Apply, & Register as a Student with Cph

To Find out more about our other courses, & study options – use the links below: 

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• Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy (Online Learning)
• Post Graduate Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy (Online Learning)